Baby #4, Homeschool

So, 2018 is here – what?!? The past 2+ years have flown by, with two job changes, another baby, and our fourth (and last) baby on the way in March! Also we have embarked upon the great journey (to insanity) of schooling our children at home.

I’m currently working on my next professional endeavor, which for now means learning as much as possible about data analysis and machine learning via I hope to post the gems I find along the way.

[update June 2018] I’m terrible at keeping up with drafts and posts, but I’m hoping to do more regular writing in the near future. Baby #4 arrived in March after a successful VBA3C! Vaginal birth is such a rush, there’s really no greater thrill I have experienced in my life. If you are looking for any help or information on VBAC and VBA3C, please contact me!

All for now, I’m working on my first response to the most excellent course ware on Stay tuned!