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Children and Children’s

Fatherhood – what a ride! Our amazing daughter entered the world in July and has kept us busy since then. We had a minor health scare that involved a trip to Children’s hospital, but all of the doctors’ concerns have resolved.

My work has shifted gears, or perhaps evolved, into being more of a manager of the stats my data warehouse produces. The closest ITIL equivalent to my role is the Service Level Manager position. Basically I watch over and resolve any service level metric infractions. I’m not sure how excited I am about the uptick in meetings and paperwork, but I feel this is the natural progression for the work I’ve done and is a testament to the maturity of the data warehouse. Not that technical work is completely out of the picture; I plan to work with BIRT here and there over the next year, as well as expand the data warehouse to additional consumers.

I don’t expect many posts over the next 6 months as I am focusing on extracurricular, de-stressing activities like hiking more sections of the Pinhoti trail or getting back into soccer.

Until next time…