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Early Spring / New Tasks

A new year, many new tasks, and another life change. First and foremost, we’ll be welcoming baby #2 into the world sometime early August! We’re definitely excited and are working hard to get our house sold and all the Bowdens’ moved asap. Beside the insanity of moving a toddler and pregnant wife in the middle of what will likely be an epic-hot summer, I’ve got quite a few professional goals for this year.

First, to migrate and complete documentation of the data warehouse I work on, taking the system from a hodge-podge of TSQL scripts and jobs to robust SSIS packages. Second, to finish studying for MCTS: SQL Developer (really!) and get the cert under my belt. Third, to position the data warehouse to take advantage of SQL 2008/2010 which is arriving soon in our environment. All of this on top of my usual deliverables, of course.

Right now I’ve added some more SPC tasks on my plate, to top it off! I’m really enjoying doing linear regressions and forecasting/trend analysis with SQL. Moreover, seeing a real-world example play out nicely with the aggregations I’ve set up has been very encouraging as I grow as a data warehouse developer.