Life, Work


For those who don’t know, we’ve moved to Kentucky to follow work and ultimately take the next steps toward a career in Data Science. So far we’ve been very impressed by the local upbeat attitude and general “niceness” of Lexington. The city definitely has a small town, family-oriented feel while offering a lot of entertainment. Beyond the living conditions, work as a Data Warehouse Analyst has been very fruitful. I was able to jump right in and contribute to the release spiral, authoring an ETL+Sharepoint synchronization solution using SSIS in SQL 2008 R2. SSIS is a fantastic product coming from an exclusively T-SQL project. Now we are in the throes of requirements gathering, data modeling, and determining areas for refactoring which of course means meetings, meetings, meetings. Agile is a great methodology but I’m learning just how quickly stakeholder meetings can generate a deluge of teleconferences!

Spring is (perhaps) right around the corner, and I am excited to see Kentucky’s beauty. I’m hopeful Spring will have sprung by next weekend when I hit my first Kentucky trail.

Happy trails and good hunting.