TikTok Tartiflette

Ingredients (suggestions)

  • 🥔Potatoes (3lb bag Yukon gold)
  • 🥓Bacon (2lb thick cut)
  • 🧅Onion (one large yellow)
  • 🍷Acid to Deglaze (traditionally white wine but I used 2-4oz apple cider vinegar)
  • 🥛Cream (2oz heavy cream 4oz half and half)
  • Flour (all purpose 1-2 teaspoons)
  • 🌿Thyme (fresh or dried, 1 tablespoonish)
  • 🧂Salt and pepper
  • 🧀Cheese (traditionally Reblochon or Brie but I used 1lb Monterey Jack and 8oz Havarti)
  • 🧂Seasoning (Tony’s to taste)
  • 🌿Garnish (chive or green onion)


  • 🥘Water boiling pot
  • 🍳Oven ready skillet
  • Strainer
  • 🔪Knife and cutting board


  1. 🔥🥘🍳Heat water and skillet
  2. 🔪🥔🥓Cube potatoes, chop bacon
  3. 🥔🥘Boil potatoes 15 minutes until fork tender
  4. 🥓🍳Cook bacon on medium high until just brown
  5. 🔪🧅🌿Cut onions and strip thyme (if using fresh)
  6. 🥘Check potatoes for fork tender, drain when done
  7. 🧅🧂🍳When bacon is browned, add onions and sweat down with salt and pepper
  8. 🍷🍳Deglaze the pan with your acid, scraping up the bottom
  9. 🥛🍳Build a thick cream sauce in your skillet by adding cream, pepper, and teaspoons of flour
  10. 🍳Simmer bacon onion cream sauce until desired consistency
  11. 🥘🍳Add potatoes to skillet mixture and mix together
  12. 🧀🍳Top with cheese and smoke on low for at least an hour
  13. Increase heat to 350 for 10-15 minutes to give the cheese some finishing
  14. 🧂🌿Serve with a pinch of seasoning and top with garnish
  15. 😊Enjoy!