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Good and bad

First, the bad: I didn’t pass the certification exam! It was pretty tough, and frustrating to have spent so much time preparing only to fail. Nonetheless, failure happens and I’m moving on – I have plenty of responsibilities and curiosities to keep me busy. Speaking of which, we are starting a family blog over at Check it out!

The good: VBS “BuddyUp Alpha” was completed on time, with last minute changes, and was a great success! The VBS administrator said they’ve never seen turn around that fast. I had fun creating the Frankenstein of Windows batch generated SQLite that it is, and learned a few interesting things about building complex data relationships. Mostly I learned how much of a pain SQLite and Windows batch programming is! Hopefully I can keep tinkering with it over the year – I’d like to rework it as a web form with Python or Perl + MySQL back-end, and implement SOUNDEX() fuzzy matching. And of course somehow figure out how to read parents’ minds a priori.

On another note, I’ve wrapped up most of the work on that I’ll be doing, and look forward to watching the band’s internet presence grow. I’m hoping WordPress decides to release their excellent “Publicize” feature to .org users, but for now I set them up with the Twitter Tools WP plugin and RSS Graffiti on their FB fan page.